of seminars about the monastic landscape

(organized by
Gianmario Guidarelli, Elena Svalduz)

2015, Praglia Abbey and Padua University launched a joint project
designed to raise awareness of the Benedictine system of
environmental planning and stewardship, based on the unique approach
to community life set out in the Rule of Saint Benedict and in
general in all the monastic philosophy inspired by it.

undertaking will involve a broad-based dialogue between a number of
disciplines, a cycle of annual seminars exploring various aspects of
the monastic landscape in order to understand (and therefore to
safeguard) the landscapes which are the historical outcome of
Benedictine design and care.

seminars will also reflect on ways in which Benedictine thought and
tradition could provide a useful model in facing the challenges posed
by current patterns of major land transformation – particularly in
peri-urban and rural areas – and the decay it often leads to. The
intention therefore is to offer an opportunity for in-depth analysis
and discussion between experts and scholars in the various
disciplines connected with landscape and other operators in the
sector (postgraduate specialization students, postgraduate students,
doctoral candidates, foreign experts and scholars, professionals,
Superintendency officials, etc.) interested in harmonious land
management strategies and models.


first of these meetings will focus on the general context of the
subject matter and on a specific exploration of the relationship
between Benedictine thought, its effect on land management and the
contribution made by various forms of artistic expression to the
development of the concept of landscape, with particular reference to
the rural milieu.

seminar will be held in the Conference Centre of Praglia Abbey and
will last three days. The papers given by the various speakers will
be interspersed with visits and site inspections. The programme will
conclude with a round table discussion, which will be open to the


Jacopo Bonetto
(Padua University), Giordana Mariani Canova (Padua University),
Benedetta Castiglioni (Padua University), Paolo Fassera osb (Praglia
Abbey), Gianmario Guidarelli (Padua University), Mauro Maccarinelli
osb (Praglia Abbey), Carmelo Maiorana (Padua University), Alessandra
Pattanaro (Padua University), Carlo Pellegrino (Padua University),
Vittoria Romani (Padua University), Guglielmo Scannerini osb (Praglia
Abbey), Elena Svalduz (Padua University), Francesco Trolese osb
(Abbey of S. Giustina), Giovanna Valenzano (Padua University Norberto
Villa osb (Praglia Abbey), Giuseppe Zaccaria (Padua University),
Stefano Zaggia (Padua University)


Seminar will be open to a maximum of twenty-five participants
(including up to five non-Italians).
The registration fee of € 150.00 covers: all the seminar sessions,
guided visits and travel to and from the sites, lunches and coffee
breaks. Participants are responsible for all other meals and
accommodation, which may be reserved at hotels with which the
organizers have made special arrangements.

to take part should include a letter motivating the request and be
accompanied by the applicant’s curriculum. The material should be
sent to
by 6
March 2016 at the latest.

Applications will be evaluated by the Scientific Committee and the
results communicated by 19th
March 2016.

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